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Zoran Music - Fascination of Painting

This largest ever exhibition with museum ambition presents around 180 works by the international artist from 21 Italian, French, German, Slovenian and Austrian private collections, from the 1940s to his late work.

More than 600 guests were present at the opening on January 23, 2020 in the Klagenfurt City Gallery.

Ausstellungskurator Siegbert Metelko, Mag.a Beatrix Obernosterer von der Stadtgalerie, Galerist & Mitveranstalter Wilfried Magnet, BGM Dr. Maria-Luise Mathiaschitz und LH Dr. Peter Kaiser
Ausstellungskurator Siegbert Metelko, Mag.a Beatrix Obernosterer von der Stadtgalerie, Galerist & Mitveranstalter Wilfried Magnet, BGM Dr. Maria-Luise Mathiaschitz und LH Dr. Peter Kaiser

Galerie Magnet from Völkermarkt specialises in the artists of Classical Modernism in Carinthia. In addition to the big names such as Herbert Boeckl and Werner Berg, these are primarily the artists from the Nötscher Kreis (Anton Kolig, Franz Wiegele and Sebastian Isepp, along with their students Anton Mahringer and Gerhart Frankl) and important individualists such as Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Arnold Clementschitsch or Jean Egger.

In recent years, the Carinthian classics of the second half of the 20th century have also been added: Hans Bischoffshausen, Kiki Kogelnik, Hans Staudacher, Giselbert Hoke, Bruno Gironcoli and others.

In addition to the exhibitions in the three rooms in Völkermarkt, Klagenfurt and Vienna, the art fairs “ArtVienna”at the Leopoldmuseum in Vienna, “ART&ANTIQUE” in vienna’s Hofburg, “Kunstsalon Perchtoldsdorf” in Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna and “ArtAustria” at the Palais Liechtenstein, Vienna, are regularly participated.

Dedicated to Carinthian art

The well-known Carinthian gallery owner Prof. h. c. Wilfried Magnet has been devoting himself for decades to the trade in works by Carinthian artists. He also likes to collect and trade works of art by artists who have spent some time in Carinthia. For Magnet, these are also “almost Carinthians” and therefore you can also find works by well-known painters like Zoran Music in his galerie Magnet.

Works by Werner Berg, Maria Lassnig, Zoran Music and many other artists available in the gallery

As you can see from the artist directory here on the website, we deal with exhibits of the most famous Carinthian artists.

If we don’t have a work in stock from an artist, gallery owner Wilfried Magnet is happy to try to get appropriate works. Just ask!

In recent decades, Galerist Magnet has built up a large national and international network of collectors and suppliers.

Magnet likes to emphasize that the works of Carinthian artists are also in international demand. We receive worldwide enquiries and are always pleased about this great interest in our artists.

If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you!

Wilfried Magnet and music connoisseur Siegbert Metelko at ArtFair 2019 in Salzburg. In the background: Werner Berg works from Galerie Magnet.

Kiki Kogelnig Pictures from Galerie Magnet at ArtFair 2019

Famous works by Zoran Music are available from us:

Zoran Music Cavalli che vanno via, 1951
Zoran Music Cavalli che vanno via, 1951
Zoran Music, Motivo dalmata, 1951
Zoran Music, Motivo dalmata, 1951
Zoran Music, Donne che vanno al mercato, 1949
Zoran Music, Donne che vanno al mercato, 1949

Available from us: Werner Berg - Rosental, 1939

New works have arrived from these Carinthian artists:

Gerald Thomaschütz

Born 1953 in Grades / Carinthia At an early age he frequented the nearby Maria Saal at the “Tonhof” of the Lampersberg family, where Tomaschütz meets painters, composers, musicians and poets such as H.C. Artmann.1969 Beginning of studies at the

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Switbert Lobisser

(Tiffen at Villach 1878 – 1943 Klagenfurt) attended the episcopal boys’ seminar in Klagenfurt and entered in 1899 in the Benedictine monastery of St. Paul in Lavanttal. After a two-year study visit to Rome followed priestly ordination in St. Paul,

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Kiki Kogelnik

Bleiburg / Carinthia 1935 – 1997 Vienna Studied at the University of Applied Arts and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Gütersloh and Boeckl, 1958-60 travels to Paris, London, Rome, Ireland, Norway and New York. In Paris,

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Sebastian Isepp

Sebastian Isepp (born February 18, 1884 in Nötsch in Gail Valley, † December 3, 1954 in London) was an Austrian painter and member of the Nötscher circle. The son of an innkeeper went to the Matura in Marburg 1903 at

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Giselbert Hoke

Hoke was born in 1927 in Warnsdorf in northern Bohemia and came to Austria in 1945 with his parents. After graduating from the Klagenfurt Gymnasium, studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Robin C. Andersen. Early recognition by

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Werner Berg

Born in 1904 in Elberfeld in the Rhineland (today a district of Wuppertal), studied political science in Cologne, Bonn and Vienna, then studying art in Vienna at the Academy and in Munich. In 1931 he settled on a farm (“Rutarhof”)

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Ernst Peter Prokop

Born in 1939 in Klagenfurt. Graphic teaching and research institute for photography in Vienna. Master exam in Klagenfurt. Lives and works in Klagenfurt as advertising, architecture, food and press photographer. 1962 – 2016: solo exhibitions and participations in Klagenfurt and

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Sepp Schmölzer

(Feldkirchen 1919 – 1999 Klagenfurt) graduated in goldsmith’s apprenticeship in Klagenfurt, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Boeckl and Dobrowsky and worked from 1962 as a goldsmith and silversmith. Several times he led the goldsmith class

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Maria Lassnig

Kappel am Krappfeld / Carinthia 1919 – 2014 Vienna 1941 admission to the master class Wilhelm Dachauer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 1943, her painting is described by the professor as “degenerate” and she has to

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Anton Kolig

Neutitschein / Moravia 1886 – 1950 Nötsch / Carinthia 1904 studies at the School of Applied Arts in Vienna together with Oskar Kokoschka, 1907 change to the Academy of Fine Arts, where he meets Wiegele and Isepp. In the following

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Herbert Boeckl

Klagenfurt 1894 – 1966 Wien 1912-1918 studied architecture in Vienna, at the same time a strong interest in painting and first exhibitions. In the 1920s, Boeckl was a member of the circle of friends around Adolf Loos, together with Karl

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Hans Bischoffshausen

Feld am See in Oberkärnten 1927 – 1987 Villach. Architecture study in Graz, employment as self-taught with the Classical Modern. 1957 first solo exhibition at the Galleria del Cavallino in Venice, followed by an exhibition in the Galerie nächst St. Stephan,

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