Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel

Works by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel available in our gallery

Wunsiedel/Oberfranken 1881 – 1965 Vienna

From 1896 he attended the School of Applied Arts in Munich, in 1898 he died at the boarding school in Tanzenberg/Carinthia, then studied at the Academy in Vienna, among others with Eisenmenger (designs for carpets, wallpaper and fabrics). From 1902 the Viennese School of Applied Arts, class Roller.

Contacts with Gustav Klimt and the artists of the Wiener Werkstätte, visit to Egon Schiele in Krumau. 1908-11 Design and completion of an animal relief for Palais Stocklet in Brussels, 1909 colour woodblock print series “Schönbrunner Tiertypen”, 1911/12 part name at international art exhibitions in Rome (Graphikerpreis) and Amsterdam (Golden Medal). For a time he taught at the School of Applied Arts in Frankfurt a.M.

From 1918 Austrian citizen, member of Hagenbund, the Wiener Kunstverein and the Kunstverein für Carinthia. 1930 Austrian State Prize for Fine Arts and Grand Medal of the City of Vienna, 1936 (also 1958) participation in the Venice Biennale.

During the Nazi rule, ban on occupation, then in exile in Dalmatia and Istria, only returned to Austria (Villach) in 1952.

After his death in 1965, a major retrospective at the Wiener Künstlerhaus.

Jungnickel was the most important animal painter of the Austrians. Modern, with extraordinary talent for the representation of the state of mind of the animals, which he often “personalised” to the utmost.

Ludwig H. Jungnickel, donkey to the right, charcoal, 22.5x32.5cm, estate stamp
donkey to the right, charcoal, 22.5x32.5 cm, estate stamp
Ludwig H. Jungnickel, Two donkeys, charcoal, 32.5x23.5cm, estate stamp
Two donkeys, charcoal, 32.5x23.5 cm, estate stamp
Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Makak Monkeys, Schönbrunner Tiertypen, 1909, colour woodcut, 30,3x28,7cm, signed
Macaque monkeys, Schönbrunn animal types, 1909, colour woodcut, 30,3x28,7cm, signed
Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel (1881-1965), spaniel, watercolor and charcoal, 33x24cm, signed
Spaniel, watercolor and charcoal, 33x24cm, signed
Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel (1881-1965), dachshund, watercolour and charcoal, 33x24cm, signature stamp
Dachshund, watercolor and charcoal, 33×24cm, signature stamp

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