Anton Kolig

Neutitschein / Moravia 1886 – 1950 Nötsch / Carinthia

1904 Beginning of his studies at the School of Applied Arts in Vienna together with Oskar Kokoschka, in 1907 he moved to the Academy of Fine Arts, where he met Wiegele and Isepp.

In the following years, the two colleagues stayed more and more frequently in Nötsch im Gailtal, which became his new home. Participation in the highly acclaimed “Special Exhibition painting and sculpture” in the rooms of the Artists’ Association Hagen in Vienna.

Together with Franz Wiegele, he travels to Paris in 1912, thanks to a mediation by Gustav Klimt and Carl Moll, then to Holland and the South of France, where he remains until the outbreak of World War I.

In 1918 he took part in an exhibition in Klagenfurt together with Boeckl and Schiele. In the 1920s, he tried to found a private art school in Nötsch.

1928 Golden Medal at the exhibition “Deutsche Kunst” in Düsseldorf, then teacher at the academies in Prague, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, where he remains until his retirement in 1943.

Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad.

His male nudes – oil paintings and drawings – do not have the avant-garde claim that made his fellow student Egon Schiele world famous, but they give him the leading position within Austrian Expressionism when it comes to color or – in drawings – to the spatial definition of the male body.

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