Gerhart Frankl, born May 12, 1901 Vienna, June 24, 1965 Vienna, painter, graphic artist.

Originally studied chemistry, then self-taught as a painter (seven-year apprenticeship with Anton Kolig) and came into the circle of Carinthian artists. Undertook numerous study trips (France, Germany, Netherlands, North Africa).

1929-1935 he tried as a sculptor. In 1938 he emigrated to London, in 1947 he returned to Vienna, gave lectures in art theory at the University of Vienna, but went back to London in 1949. Shortly before his death, he applied for a professorship at the Vienna Academy (whose occupation he no longer experienced).

Above all, Frankl’s work includes landscapes (model Cézanne) and still lifes; his works have always been based on nature studies, their wealth of content is always the result of an intensive design of visual impressions. Professor (1961), Prize of the City of Vienna for Painting and Graphics (1963).

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Gerhart Frankl

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