Adolf Christl

(1891-1974) comes from an artistically gifted Klagenfurt family – even his grandfather worked as a decorative painter at the Klagenfurt Stadttheater, and his son Utho, who died very early, was a painter and art teacher.

Christl studied at the Vienna Academy from 1913-1917, worked first as a teacher, then as director of the Landesmuseum and the Kärntner Landesgalerie, finally as Landeskonservator of Carinthia. About him and his contemporary colleague Reinhold L. Krassnig, Otto Demus notes in his review of Carinthian art from 1930 that they “adopt a spirited, intensified, intensified impressionism in the spirit of Corinth”.

In the course of nearly sixty years of artistic activity (which was not very intense, so that his works are relatively rare outside the public collections), Christl developed an expressive style that put him in a line with Esterl, Kraßnig and Zunk as representatives of the “younger generation “The Carinthian Classical Modernity presents.

He painted with particular fondness the landscape around the Wörthersee, but still life and portraits were among his favorite subjects.

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