Born in 1880 in Klagenfurt.

After school, he moved to Vienna, where he attended the School of Applied Arts from 1898 to 1900, then two years the master school for landscape painting under Eduard Peithner von Lichtenfels.

1904-1906 Academy of Fine Arts in Munich (student of Ludwig Willroider), then return to Carinthia, where he gradually established himself as a landscape painter. This is followed by membership in the Kunstverein für Kärnten and several exhibitions in the country. War painter on the southwest front 1916-1918, then participation in the Carinthian defense fight.

In the 1920s several postcard series, the artistic design of the Klagenfurt train station and other commissions. Because of the stylistic similarities with his greatest role model he gets in the honorary title “Carinthian Compton”.

In the 1930s, more postcard series and purchases by public institutions follow. In World War II again worked as a war painter. Shortly after the end of the war, Eduard Manhart was abducted by the partisans and dies, presumably in May 1945, in a detention center in Slovenia.

His many views of Carinthia are an important and artistically valuable contribution to the topographic coverage of the country.

Works by Eduard Manhart:

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