Radsberg b. Klagenfurt 1887-1959 Viktring b. Klagenfurt

After the Matura 1905 Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna at Griepenkerl and Delug. He spent the First World War as a war painter mainly on the southern front. In 1918 Truppe settles in Brno, where he works as the artistic director of the “Gesellschaft der Kunstfreunde”. In 1938 he becomes a professor at the Art Academy in Dresden.

He buys the house in Viktring from painter Anton Gregoritsch, where he then stays every summer. In 1945, this becomes his main residence, where he runs a painting and drawing school until 1957. Numerous trips in Europe and overseas.

In the late 30s and early 40s participated in several exhibitions, which were organized for representative and propagandistic purposes of the former regime. In the early years, he was still committed to the landscape impressionism of the Viktringer School, later only formal perfectionism, away from all modern trends of the time.

As a master of the genre and especially of still life, he achieved great recognition and is still regarded in Carinthia as the main representative of traditional painting.

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