(Untermieger bei Klagenfurt 1824 – 1871 Klagenfurt) comes from the surroundings of Klagenfurt and spent most of his life in this area. After basic training as a painter in Klagenfurt with Andreas Hauser and Lambert van Bokkelen, he refined his skills under the influence of Eduard von Moro and Franz Steinfeld.

For a short time he was also a student at the academy in Munich. In Carinthia, around the middle of the 19th century, Pernhart became the most important painter in the country. Although he has largely taken over the Biedermeier style of his role models, past the currents of the time, he always strove for realistic and topographically accurate representation of his landscapes and views of places.

Around 1850 he was commissioned to draw all the castles and palaces of Carinthia in order to at least preserve the historically significant landmarks of the country, which were increasingly threatened by decay.

Part of it Pernhart further processed and created several magnificent paintings, Grisaillebilder and Stahstiche, which has maintained its importance as a landscape painter to this day.

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