Once & Now

Cities & Landscapes in Lower Carinthia - People's Market Once & Now

Cities & Landscapes in Lower Carinthia – Völkermarkt once & now, is the title of the exhibition, which is currently on view at Galerie Magnet in Völkermarkt. It is a remarkable selection of works that shows landscapes and cities in the immediate vicinity of the gallery and Carinthia.

Landscapes from different art epochs of untouched, idyllic or man-influenced and changed nature. These natural landscapes, urban or industrial landscapes clearly illustrate the changing relationship of man to his environment and one is willing to recognize one or the other view, at least to guess.

The view of the Griffner Schlossberg by Markus Pernhart was very exciting for me. In addition, Eduard Manhart, Caroline von Moro, Franz Alt, Josef Willroider, Oskar Laske, Hans Kleinert, Anton Marhinger and Werner Berg will be shown the great painters from and in Carinthia. The exhibition is on view until the end of September.