Autumn catalogue 2020

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Aftermath of the great music exhibition
"Fascination of Painting"

The Small Art Market 2019

Excerpts from the offer:

Download our catalogue of the small art market 2019 in PDF format (1.2 MB) here.

2019 SIAF

Salzburg International ArtFair

Download our SIAF catalogue 2019 in PDF format (approx. 352 KB) here.

Gallery Magnet: Autumn Catalogue 2018

Cover page Autumn Catalogue 2018

The Small Art Market 2018

Gallery Magnet: Spring Exhibition 2018

Gallery Magnet: Zoran Music

Gallery Magnet: Autumn Exhibition 2017

Herbert Boeckl & Anton Kolig from the collection of Karl Hebeis

Cover sheet Autumn Exhibition Gallery Magnet

Gallery Magnet: Werner Berg

Tribal Art: Heads & Masks

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